3 Common Ways Your Roof Can Be Damaged

By | December 5, 2017

Roof Damaged by wind and hail stormIf you are a homeowner, it is possible that your roof could become damaged in a multitude of different ways. Whether this is an accident caused by a storm or the results of vandalism, repairs can always be done to resolve the issue. There are specific reasons that a roof will become damaged over time, common problems that people will face. Let’s look at the three most common ways that your roof can be destroyed, and how you can repair the damage that has been done most affordable.

Wind Damage

One of the most common ways for a roof to be damaged is as a result of high wind. This can lead to several potential problems. First of all, there will be high winds that could knock branches out of trees, causing them to land on your roof and go through the top. It is also possible that it could also pick up things from the ground, depending on the strength of the wind, blowing them directly into your roof.

Storm Damage

Another way that your roof can become damaged is as a result of a storm. This could be a thunderstorm, or it could be a hurricane. These will also generate high winds that can even knock branches off of trees onto your roof. Storm damage is not limited to physical objects that can cause the loss. Many people have had damage from hail that has caused significant damage due to the size of the storm.

Damage From Lightning

Finally, some people will have their roof damaged as a result of lightning. This can happen during a thunderstorm that is quite significant. Although this is less likely than wind or damage from hail, it is expected to be the most destructive form of damage that can occur. A direct hit from lightning can cause not only physical damage but can also cause your roof or home to start burning. Lightning can reach temperatures of over 5000 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is more than enough to cause significant damage to your home, even if you have a metal roof.

These are the three most common ways that your roof can be damaged. Other conditions could occur. You might live in an area where there are tornadoes. If you live close to the Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean, it is possible that you may experience hurricane damage. As long as you have good homeowners insurance, it will be something that can be repaired by professionals in your area.

If your roof is significantly damaged you will need a professional roofer to help repair the roof back to a livable condition.